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Floral Waters - Lavender & Juniper Berry

$14.00 - $24.00

Our aromatic floral waters are delicate and gentle with invigorating botanical scents.

Lavender & Juniper Berry

Australian Lavender is a particularly soothing plant, ideal for calming and relaxing the body and mind. Juniper Berry complements the lavender with a refreshing citrus scent.

A restorative toning mist, formulated to balance the skin and provide long-lasting hydration. An absolute must in any skincare routine.

Simply close your eyes, spray a refreshing soft mist over your face, body and hair to hydrate the skin and sooth the soul.

Enjoy the benefits and properties as pure essential oils, but in lower concentration using steam distillation.

Perfect for hot summer days. Store your floral waters in the fridge during the summer months for an instant cooling and refreshing experience.

Made in Australia
100ml or 50ml - see drop down menu to select your choice of size

Ingredients: Purified water and steam distillation of Australian Lavender & Juniper Berry essential oils, natural preservatives.

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