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Gratitude - Natural Perfume


Uniquely hand-crafted with delicate petals of Australian grown calendula and cornflowers. This pleasant perfume of native scents is a tribute of gratitude.

Delicately immersed in a botanical blend of Australian native scents; lemon myrtle and peppermint eucalyptus oils. Well known for their uplifting citrus aromas that is cool, fruity, woody and sweet.

Like a picnic on lush green grass under the lemon scented gum trees in the cool of the afternoon, this classic scent feels like home. Take a quiet moment for yourself and apply to pulse points on your wrists and neck to refresh.

100% natural plant-based ingredients:
Organic fractionated coconut oil (unscented), pure essential oils of
Australian lemon myrtle and eucalyptus with Australian grown calendula and cornflowers.

Hand-crafted with love and intention
Made in Brisbane, Australia
12 ml roller

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